The last recorded earthquakes in Croatia and Europe. Update every minute.

The data is not official and updated automatically. Certain deviations from the real situations are possible. For offical information follow the Croatia's Seismological Service.

Earthquakes in Croatia

List of earthquakes in Croatia in the last 7 days.

Earthquakes in Europe

List of earthquakes in Europe in the last 48 hours.

Data are presented according to local Croatian time. Source: EMSC-CSEM

About earthquakes

Earthquakes are natural disasters that can occur at any time, regardless of the location. Their frequency is higher in the Circum-Pacific and Mediterranean/Trans-Asian seismic belt. A number of sophisticated methods defi ne their magnitude using the Richter scale and intensity using the Mercalli-Cancani-Sieberg scale. Recorded data show a number of devastating earthquakes that have killed many people and changed the environment dramatically.

Croatia is located in a seismically active area, which has endured a series of historical earthquakes, among which several occurred in the Zagreb area. The consequences of an earthquake depend mostly on the population density and seismic resistance of buildings in the affected area. Environmental consequences often include air, water, and soil pollution. The effects of this kind of pollution can have long-term health effects. The most dramatic health consequences result from the demolition of buildings. Therefore, quick and efficient aid depends on well-organized health professionals as well as on the readiness of the civil defence, fire department, and Mountain Rescue Service members.

Source: Earthquakes – A Historical Review, Environmental and Health Effects, and Health Care Measures